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We at Fresh Mint Studio believe in providing quality services which help in creating and promoting your Idea/Business/Product. Our services include content creation in live Action Videos, Animated Videos, Explainer videos, Promoting and advertising over different digital and social media platforms. 

Our Services

Digital Marketing

We tailor our marketing efforts to fit to your needs using our large database of users and social media.

Scripting and Storyboarding

Need help in documenting and giving a structure to your idea ? Then you're at the right place. Tell us your idea and our experts will make sure you get the best.

2D Animation

Why stop at presenting your idea with just an image? Our Animation team finds creative ways to present your idea in motion with 2D animation or infographics.

Graphic Design

Be it logo design/marketing content/product designs/conveying your business identity visually, we deliver designs that best fit your idea/product and to improve the visibility of your business online.